Iodine And Weight Loss-Could Be Hypothyroidism

Iodine And Weight Loss-Could Be Hypothyroidism

There are a lot of reasons why people gain weight. Most of the time it is simply a case of bad habits, such as eating too much and not getting enough exercise. However there are those few cases where there is a legitimate medical condition that causes you to gain weight, one such condition being hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition that effects, you guessed it, your thyroid. This condition causes your thyroid to slow down or become inactive all together, thus making it more difficult to shed those unwanted pounds. Due to it being a problem with your thyroid, Iodine and weight loss will go hand in hand.

A lot of people do not know all that much about anatomy so you may be wondering what exactly your thyroid even does, and why iodine can help you lose weight. Well essentially, your thyroid controls your metabolism. Your metabolism of course is what burns calories for fuel. If your thyroid is not working properly and is running slow, it can cause your metabolism to not burn calories as fast as it should.

When this happens, even normal, healthy eating can cause you to gain weight simply because you are taking on more calories than your thyroid burns off, so those excess calories are stored as fat on your body.

Iodine and weight loss go hand in hand because your thyroid gland actually relies on iodine to run effectively. In many cases, hypothyroidism is actually caused by iodine deficiency. Your body is not consuming enough iodine to keep your thyroid running properly, so everything goes out of whack.

Now, a word of warning before you go and start taking iodine supplements. You can consume too much iodine which will cause your thyroid to speed up too much, which is just as bad. Lack of iodine may not even be the reason for your hypothyroidism so it is important to consult your doctor and find out why exactly it is acting up.

If it is determined that lack of iodine in your body is the culprit, than there exists a wide variety of supplements you can take. You can also eat seafoods, especially kelp, which contain high amounts of natural iodine in them. While a little cumbersome to manage, it is not at all a big deal as long as you adjust your diet accordingly and take the required actions to get your thyroid back on track.

Iodine and weight loss can work for most people, however as stated above this may not be the only reason your thyroid is out of whack, and in some cases it can be a sign of more severe problems. It is important to see your doctor if you suspect your thyroid is to blame for your weight gain and get a full examination.

More severe conditions, such as thyroid cancer, are a possible reason for why your thyroid is not working as it should, so do not just assume it is alright to start taking iodine supplements and call it a day. Make sure you get word from your doctor before taking any action, as taking the wrong action can actually cause you more harm than good.

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