Lack Of Exercise Poor Eating Habits Or Maybe Health Issue

Lack Of Exercise Poor Eating Habits Or Maybe Health Issue

Being overweight is one of the main problems first world nations face in today’s society. People simply are not as physically active as they were in the past, and when you couple this with bad eating habits you end up with a very potent and potentially deadly condition called obesity.

There are many reasons for why people are over weight. It can simply be lack of exercise and poor eating habits as mentioned above, and more often than not this is indeed the case. However there are those rare cases where a person is over weight when they have no reason to be.

Some people may exercise and eat right, yet still gain weight. For people like this, it may actually be a physical condition called hypothyroidism. Iodine Plus 2 for weight loss is used if your thyroid is the problem. The reason for this is because your thyroid is a very important gland that creates hormones called T3 and T4, these hormones help regulate various bodily functions, the main of which being your metabolism.

As I am sure everyone is aware, your metabolism is what burns off the calories you take in when you eat. When you suffer from hypothyroidism, your metabolism can slow down to a crawl so it is burning almost no calories, even if you are eating healthily and exercising, you are still taking in more calories than your metabolism is burning off.

One of the causes for hypothyroidism is a deficiency in iodine. Iodine is a trace chemical produced in your body, and it is used by your thyroid to allow it to function. In same cases, your body does not produce iodine as it should which then causes problems for your thyroid and thus, your metabolism.

Iodine Plus 2 for weight loss works by supplementing your body’s ability to produce iodine. By getting extra iodine you give your thyroid the fuel it needs to keep working at peak efficiency. You can get this extra iodine from a variety of sources, either naturally by eating seafood such as fish or kelp (which has a high amount of natural iodine, making it a great choice).

Or you can take artificial iodine supplements prescribed by your doctor. While iodine is most often the cause of hypothyroidism, it is not always the cause. So if you think your thyroid is to blame do not just start taking iodine and thinking that is sufficient. Not only may it not work, but too much iodine is just as bad as too little.

So before turning to Iodine Plus 2 for weight loss, go to your doctor and ask them what is going on. They can check to see if your thyroid is the problem and find out the cause for it as well. If it is something as simple as an iodine deficiency, then that is easily overcome by dietary changes or those supplements I mentioned.

In the rare occasion it is something more serious your doctor will be able to help you through it. Also keep in mind that the sooner they catch the problem, the better the chances are that they can fix it before it becomes something major.

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